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Construction & Remodeling Experts, Roofing Contractors, Akron, OH

Construction and Remodeling Experts

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Including Residential, Commercial, & Custom Creations


Recent Projects in the Firestone Park and surrounding areas of Akron, Ohio



"3959 Cardinal Circle "Addition & Kitchen Remodel"

1456 White Ave. "Home refurbishment after the Explosion of adjacent building"

2820 Main St. "The Kitchen portion of a Complete Home Remodel"

493 Bertsch Dr. "Commercial Rubber Roof" with wood replacement

573 Hilbish Ave "Roof and transparent Decorative patio cover featuring LEXAN and a distinctive Lattice inlay"

5872 Weaver Rd. "Roofing, Gutters, Attic Insulation, and Drywall"

1070 Dietz Av "Roof, Siding, Awnings, & Gutters"

934 Inman St "Roofing"

172 Prairie Dr "Roofing"

540 Stanton Ave "Roofing"

204 Gleason Ave "Roofing"

859 Kelly Ave "Roofing"

296 Goodview Ave "Roofing"

1581 Hobart Ave "Roofing"

215 Stull Ave "Roof & Gutters"

186 Gleason Ave "Roofing"

656 Neal Rd "Roofing & Gutters"

398 Warwick St "Roof & Siding"

190 Gleason Ave "Roofing"

3224 Brunk Rd "Roofing"

100 E. Woodsdale Ave "Roofing & Siding" with Awnings on order

3092 Ghent Ct "Roofing"

1792 Sunset Ave "Roofing"

1177 Brown St "Roofing" with Shutters to come

456 Flora Ave "Roofing"

378 Selden Ave "Roofing"

717 Corice St "Roofing" with Siding & Gutters to come

46 Selden Ave "Roofing & Gutters"

759 N. Firestone Blvd "Roofing & Siding"

751 Morgan Ave "Roofing & Siding"

774 Morgan Ave "Roofing"

763 Morgan Ave "Roofing, Siding, Gutters, & Garage Door

91 E. Woodsdale Ave "Roofing"

836 Inman St "Roofing"


931 Davies Ave "Roofing"


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more Recent Projects:

Note: we are in the process of adding map information to the all projects on the site.  This will take a bit of time, but all the projects above have Google Earth mapping as-well-as normal street maps.



419 Brewer Ave "Deck extension and Bathroom addition"

New Construction & Roof

4903 E Sprague Rd, Independence, Ohio "Roofing, Shingles and Rubber"

New construction; 3-Bay Garage "Pole Barn" Design

10206 Buckeye Rd, Cleveland, Ohio "Roofing, extensive wood replacement, Shingles and Rubber roof"

1840 Java Ave. Akron, Ohio "Roofing, Siding, Gutters, and Downspouts"

Richfield, Ohio Home; with Pool House, and Special Treatments

502 Sieber Ave "Roofing"

148 3rd St. N.E. Barberton "Roofing"

1126 Collinwood Ave, Akron, Ohio "Roofing"

Renya "Basement Remodel"

Beheydt 536 Reimer Rd Wadsworth Twp "New Construction-Framing"; Garage Addition, Roof Siding, Concrete, Plumbing, and Electric

Gilbert 1920 Copley Rd Copley "Garage Framing and Door"

618_620 Lansing Rd "Roofing"

Willet 7398 Skyline Dr Broadview Hts "2nd Story Remodel"

Wagner "Roofing"

1523 Beardsley Ave "Roofing"

Bigger 5921 Wilkes "Roofing, Siding, and Gutters" (Job in progress)

Essen Property "Commercial Garage Door"

Ferrar "Interior Remodel" Including; Demolition (Floor / Drywall) & Completed Finished Carpentry

Kingsley Ave "Garage"

West Ingleside Ave "Basement Remodel"

1111 Riverside Dr "Roofing"

Triplett Blvd Practice Golf Green

2524 Edwin Ave "New Construction-Framing"

Wertz Ave "Flooring"

1154 Brandon Ave "Complete Remodel"

Wertz Ave "Siding"

Inman "Siding"

Medina "New Construction-Garage"

Commercial Office Remodel

Lindenwood Ave "2nd Story Remodel"

477 W. Waterloo Rd "New Construction-Framing" 

Triplett Blvd "Basement Remodel"




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View other Projects below

287 Sundale Road

212 Wayne Ave

Doylestown Basement

102 Archwood Ave Build

4255 Hilltop Dr

640 Elbur Ave

505 N. Firestone Blvd

170 Overwood Ave

45 Meadowridge Rd

2481 Income Ave

E Market St Office

501 N. Firestone Blvd

113 Adams Ave

24 S. Portage Path The Colony apt

1510 Remsen Barn

Waterloo Rd. House

2330 14th St Sw

825 Saxon Ave

Tallkron Dr

2155 Hillside St

2682 12th St

1135 Summerhill Dr

418 Archdale Ave

1165 Lawndale Dr.

663 Essex St

674 Triplett Blvd

1482 Salem Ave

678 Southeast Ave

650 Elbur Ave


1426 Hammel St


40 E. Catawba Ave


6XX School St


802 Edgewood St. SE


1819 Gless Ave


96 Milton Dr.





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